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Area Code 919
Main Number 807-2000
Baughman, Jennell Executive Assistant 807-2008 jbaughman@sosnc.com
Maddox, Rodney Chief Deputy Secretary 807-2004 rmaddox@sosnc.com
Core, Beverly Executive Assistant 807-2004 bcore@sosnc.com
Haynes, Haley Deputy Secretary 807-2005 hhaynes@sosnc.com
Beamon, Dwayne Deputy Secretary 807-2195 dbeamon@sosnc.com
Jeter, George Director of Communications 807-2155 gjeter@sosnc.com
McLamb, John
Training & Safety 807-2123 jmclamb@sosnc.com
Kornegay, Steven Department LAN Administrator 807-2200 skornegay@sosnc.com
Burtness, Norm E-Commerce Specialist 807-2193 nburtness@sosnc.com
Holcomb, Pat Applications Development Manager 807-2110 pholcomb@sosnc.com
Bostick, Carla L. Human Resources Director 807-2027 cbostick@sosnc.com
Myers, Cheri Corporations Director 807-2225 cmyers@sosnc.com
UCC & Notary Customer Service Certification & Filing 807-2219 notary@sosnc.com or uccmail@sosnc.com 
Wagstaff, Tina Certification & Filing Director 807-2219 twagstaff@sosnc.com
Broun, Joal Lobbyist Compliance Director 807-2172 jbroun@sosnc.com
Stallworth, Ozie H. Electronic Notarization Analyst & Director 807-2295 ostallworth@sosnc.com
Wall, Ann General Counsel 807-2230 awall@sosnc.com
Butler, Deborah Trademark Registration 807-2162 trademrk@sosnc.com
Morgan, Tom Lands Records Director 807-2268 tmorgan@sosnc.com
  Publications 807-2149 pubs@sosnc.com
Massey, David Securities Director 733-3924 dmassey@sosnc.com
Parrish, David Service of Process Agent 807-2201 dparrish@sosnc.com
Peeler, Michael Deputy for Administration 807-2011 mpeeler@sosnc.com
Cox,Celia Budget Director 807-2012 ccox@sosnc.com
Black, Heather Charitable Solicitations Director 807-2214 hblack@sosnc.com
Lynch, John Special Agent in Charge of Investigations 807-2179 jmlynch@sosnc.com
Davis, Renee Special Agent (Trademark Enforcement) 807-2163 rdavis@sosnc.com
Wiles, Derek Special Agent (Trademark Enforcement) 336-838-3182 dwiles@sosnc.com
Jones, Dee Dee Special Agent (Notary Investigator) 919-807-2122 ddjones@sosnc.com
HOTLINE to report NC investor/securities fraud 1-800-688-4507

Mailing Address

N.C. Department of the Secretary of State
PO Box 29622
Raleigh, NC 27626-0622