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North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

www.ncnonprofits.org -- An excellent resource for North Carolina donors and charitable organizations alike. Site contains an informative links list organized by topic. 

Standards for Excellence

American Institute of Philanthropy

www.charitywatch.org -- This charity watchdog site contains donor tips and rates charities based upon the percentage of donations used for program services.

Listing of North Carolina Nonprofits

www.ncnonprofits.com -- Database listing of nonprofit organizations in North Carolina pulled from IRS data. Compiled and presented by Minges and Associates.


www.npxpress.com -- North Carolina-based online news journal covering charitable organizations and fundraising. Note: Membership required to access content.


www.give.org -- A new merger combining the National Charities Information Bureau (NCIB),the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance, and the Better Business Bureau's Philanthropic Advisory Service. The result is a comprehensive site of information and advice concerning charitable giving and charitable organizations.


www.guidestar.org -- a non-profit research organization that provides information on non-profits filing Form 990 and similar federal tax forms.

Independent Sector

www.indepsec.org -- a research organization seeking to strengthen philanthropy and citizen action.

National Center for Charitable Statistics

http://nccs.urban.org -- The National Center for Charitable Statistics works with government agencies and private sector groups to develop databases and uniform standards for reporting charitable activity.

Urban Institute

www.urban.org -- The Urban Institute conducts research on nonprofit organizations.

Internet Nonprofit Center

www.nonprofits.org -- This site provides information on nonprofit organizations nationwide. The site includes a search function.

The Foundation Center

www.fdncenter.org -- This site provides information on foundations, including a nationwide search tool for locating information on a particular foundation.


www.charitiesinfo.org -- This watchdog site provides information on research charities and whether a specific research organization conducts animal testing.

Charities Review Council

www.crcmn.org -- This Minnesota-based organization provides information to donors and creates and applies standards for accountability to selected charitable organizations, providing the results for donor use.


www.charityvillage.com -- This site is an information repository regarding Canadian nonprofit and charitable organizations.

Network for Good

www.networkforgood.org -- An online portal site for charitable organization, donation, and volunteer information.

Chronicle of Philanthropy

www.philanthropy.com -- A well-known online and print journal covering charitable organizations and fundraising.

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